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Do you ever think about the bacteria you interact with on a daily basis? Due to the exposure of harmful germs at your workplace, home, community, and public environments, businesses are being required to develop an Infection Control Plan (ICP). Germs tend to live on high-touch surfaces such as phones and tablets, handles and rails, input devices, and countertops. According to Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, “We find four hundred times more bacteria on a desktop than we do on most toilet seats.”

Knowing the risk of harmful bacteria is now possible with SurfaceHealth’s™ family of solutions. SurfaceHealth™ solutions provide a complete and comprehensive audit and remediation for your facility to determine which areas require updated cleaning protocols and environmental retrofits. Depending on our comprehensive results, we will put together an infectious control plan to provide recommendations for modifications to your janitorial services and potential SurfaceHealth™ solutions. These EPA and FDA registered solutions help reduce and mitigate harmful bacteria and viruses in clinical, commercial, and public environments. SurfaceHealth™ provides your staff and customers with a sense of security, comfort, and confidence knowing you have taken steps to improve the cleanliness of your environment.

Learn more below about how SurfaceHealth™ provides your business with cleaner surfaces, easier access to sanitary devices, less sick days, comfortability, and more protection on multi-use applications.

SurfaceHealth™ Infectious Control Plan Development and Ongoing Compliance

SurfaceHealth’s™ onsite audits, leveraging the best of breed 3M ATP testing, takes customers through a multi-stepped Infectious Control Plan (ICP) that includes: An overview of your current janitorial plan, your company’s information/current environment, an onsite facility walkthrough, an audit plan, recommendations based on infection control best practices, and ongoing compliance.

Download our guide to learn more about our infection control plan development, and ongoing compliance.

SurfaceHealth™ Antimicrobial Hardware Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ antimicrobial hardware technology reduces bacteria on door handles, rails, and other high-touch and high-traffic areas. Designed with passive EPA registered antimicrobial technology, our hardware product helps significantly reduce the transfer of bacteria and viruses. Our technology is retrofitted to your custom environment, so there is no need to replace your current hardware.

SurfaceHealth™ Antimicrobial Film Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ antimicrobial Film is retrofitted for your company’s devices and reduces bacteria on touch screens, all-in-one PC’s, tables, grocery cart handles, food trays, display counters, walls and partitions, elevators buttons, and POS systems. Your technology can be sprayed and wiped regularly to reduce the risk of damaging devices using traditional and ineffective sterilization methods while increasing your operational costs.

SurfaceHealth™ UVC-LED Technology

SurfaceHealth’s™ UVC-LED Cabinets will sanitize your personal and shared devices such as phones, masks, gloves, and pens from bacterial buildup. UVC-LED cabinets provide targeted and effective infection control solutions to organizations of any size. UVC solutions significantly reduce your risk, helps you manage complex compliance challenges, and differentiates you from other organizations.

SurfaceHealth™ EPA Registered Disinfectant

SurfaceHealth’s™ EPA-approved disinfectant provides an unparalleled combination of high efficacy and low toxicity with 30-second bacteria and virus kill times. Unlike harmful and harsh cleaners such as Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ammonium sprays; our solution provides 24-hour residual protection to free your staff from continual cleaning throughout the day. Additionally, our disinfectant is registered as a no-rinse food contact surface sanitizer.

SurfaceHealth™ Washable & Antimicrobial Input Devices

SurfaceHealth’s™ input devices are not the everyday keyboard, mice, or barcode scanner. Our input devices are made to IP-68 submersible standards and are embedded with an EPA registered antimicrobial, always working to reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. They can be washed, and even placed into dishwashers and other cleaning products.

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